Terms of Use

Here we try to create good and quality content in order to prevent undesirable things for other users and services, we EXPRESSLY prohibit what is prohibited by us and we RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ACTIVATE and DELETE INCOME that is earned if you VIOLATE THE REGULATION !. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use, delete / deactivate the account no matter what, delete any reason why, we have the right to delete the short url for whatever reason, we reserve the right to cancel payments if we violate, we have the right to reduce or increase the rate whatever the reason, and we have the right to send messages or other e-mails already registered and we are not responsible for the wrong account number or payment info. we have a system to read if there are users who violate the rulesAfter registering you have agreed to the Terms of Use.

Here are the Terms of Use:

1. Not allowed to place url / link or traffic source associated with Cutwin.com Such as:

2. Not allowed to use VPN / Proxy / SSH past the link itself, passing through the link to get Traffic / View.

3. Not allowed to use traffic exchange or PTC to get Traffic / View.

4. Not allowed to use Iframe Script on Cutwin.com related url / link.

5. Not allowed to shorten the url / link related to Cutwin.com in other url shortener service (Unless no ads).

6. Not allowed to create more than one account associated with referrals to earn more.

7. We will not serve if you use inappropriate language (rough)

8. We have the right to deactivate the account if it is suspected of cheating or do things that cause losses

9. We reserve the right to block IP addresses that we do not allow

10. We have the right to reduce the CPM rate if the quality of traffic is not good

11. Prohibited from using pornographic words even though they are not pornographic (click bait)


In order to prevent unauthorized returns from happening we will crack down on users by penalty of fine or deduction of balances and disabling of accounts. Here are penalties for infringing users:


For now we only accept Withdrawal balance through Paypal (All Countries).

You will receive payment 4 Days after requesting withdrawal! In certain months there are times when we change the withdrawal process every 23th.

Withdrawal info must be filled and valid! We are not responsible for any user-generated errors.

Thank you for using our service, Happy Earnings!